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Q: Are you estate agents?

A: Yes ! House Revolution is the new breed of estate agent.

We provide all the services you should expect from an estate agent from writing your details, taking your photos, arranging your viewings, negotiating your sale. Even handing over your keys! In summary, no part of the service you need and expect is missing. We can sell any property in the UK and provide a fantastic service at a much lower cost.

Q: So how do you offer such a good service for less money

A: We have taken out costs not associated with the selling of property and the managing of sales and therefore reduced our overheads. We don’t operate from multiple high street offices that customers no longer use and also the marketing of ‘us’ or excessive 'own brand marketing' as its known is kept to a minimum.

Q: Why should I choose House Revolution

A: Importantly we are sucessfully at selling property. We wouldn't still be here if what we do didn't work but because we are committed to reducing the cost of house selling and equally determined to significantly raise the overall standard of service in the industry makes us different. Our many satisfied and happy customers testify to our success.

Q: Some online agents are much cheaper than you, why ?

A: Lets be clear on the definitions otherwise there is a danger we will mix apples with oranges. House Revolution is a low cost estate, we do everything the high street does but have reduced our operating cost and pass the savings on. Online agents operate on a call centre basis with no individual service or account manager for your home so have removed parts of the process which we feel are still essential for a sucessful sale. In summary we are not comparable

Q: What is the difference between you and say a High street agent and a low cost estate agent?

A: The cost and the service we provide is considerably better. Our many happy customers prove that. We do the same job as the high street in terms of the functions we fulfil so there is no difference whatsoever except price and service.

Q: It looks like the high street agent has more property in my area than you. Do you not cover my location ?

A: We are equally as successful at selling properties in your area, we just don't have such a high concentration of sales in one 'specific' location, because we are not tied to one specific location or to look at it another way our success rate of sales will be the same as any other agents because we all do the same job, in the same way. We just choose to locate ourselves in a lower cost location. Remember, your buyer wont chose to buy their next house by only looking at one estate agent, they will search online where all properties are listed, and chose the property that way.

Q:Are you Regulated ?

A: Yes, we are members of the National Association of Estate Agents and governed by both the Office of fair trading and the Ombudsman.

Q: Tell me more about how you are different

A: Only House Revolution provides both a detailed marketing plan and a unique online account that allows you to see real time statistics, feedback, and key dates and times, in fact all the activity as it happens. This is transparency in action so you’re never in any doubt or kept in the dark. Your marketing plan is agreed with you at the start and uses all the tools required to give your property the exposure it needs. We manage your account day to day and call you as soon as there is activity that requires your attention.

Q: Are you sucessful ?

A: Yes. Many houses sold and many customers delighted which is why so much of our growth comes from recommendation by satisfied customers.

Q: What do you cost and when do I pay?

A: We make all our costs clear and also break them down so you can see exactly how your money is being spent. The costs table highlights our range of pricing options. Please note that terms and conditions apply

Q: Why dont you ask vendors to sign a contract?

A: Unlike many other agents, House Revolution does not require you to sign up to a lengthy contract. We believe that you should stay with us because you're happy with the service you are receiving rather than being forced to stay because you've signed a wordy legal agreement that you can't get out of. It means that we are very focussed on keeping all our customers happy.

Q: How long have you been operating?

A: The company was formed in 2006 and started trading in 2007. Since then we have been growing at a steady, healthy and sustainable rate, fuelled mainly by customer recommendation and referral.

Q: Do you have a mailing list of buyers and do you contact the list when new property becomes available ?

A: Yes we do have a large mailing list, currently around 2,500 people, we also look through our buyers to call them if we think they would be specifically interested in a new or reduced price house. Th emailing list chnages daily so we do not make false promises to prospective vendors about the number of viewers we have waiting to buy your property, the internet is the place to get to the widest audience so most active buyers will be found there.

Q: How do you value property ?

A: Helping establish the correct marketing price is one of the key services you should expect and rely on from your estate agent and importantly a valuation should be prepared with only one agenda in mind-yours!

All our valuations are fully researched and supported using real information of comparable homes. Our aim is to provide you with all the information required to make a sensible judgment together as to the right price to market your home at.

Q: Will you measure, photograph and sort the floor plans?

A: First impressions are so important. We already know that around 95% of home buyers now look online for property so it’s vital that your home really stands out on the web. No-one knows more about online marketing than House Revolution and we know that accurate descriptions and photographs are the key to successful selling so yes, we will come to your house and spend the right amount of time working closely with you to get it just right.

Q: Will I need a Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and can you provide one?

A: When you sell your property you will need to purchase an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), or provide an existing valid certificate. The EPC then needs to be available no later than 28 days after the marketing of your house begins. Naturally we are able to provide you with an EPC at a sensible price.

Q: Will you manage and handle my viewings?

A: Yes, viewings are critical to securing an offer. Believe it or not the best person to handle this important task is you, the owner. Why? Well, you know more about the property than anyone. Quite often it’s not possible for the owner to be available which is why we offer a comprehensive and professional viewing service.

Q: Will you negotiate my sale?

A: Yes. We provide all the services you should expect from an estate agent. The skilled team at House Revolution are always focused on attracting the right offer from the right buyer. A process of due diligence ensures we establish the exact situation of any buyer whilst not giving away vital information enabling you, the seller, to confidently enter into an agreement with the buyer that best suits your situation.

Q: Will you call me when I have a viewings or an offer?

A: All important information is phoned through to you immediately as well as appearing in your online account.

Q: Do you use Rightmove?

A: Goodness me yes along with nearly every other online portal out there. We also give you access to all the additional features Rightmove has to offer such as Featured Property and Premium Display

Q: Will you advertise my house the newspaper?

A: We can do this for an additional charge, we are also on Homes 24 which is the local press portal. We have tested the newspaper and find there is little response, as most people have already seen the property by the time the property is published, due to print deadlines. We would only recommend the newspaper, if your property is likely to appeal to an older audience, and you have exhausted all the initial enquires from your exposure on the internet and our activity with the local mailing list. If your property is not getting enquries on the web, then it is unlikely to get enquires from the newspaper also, and it may be better to review your price .

Q: Other agents use the newspapers and claim it works for them ?

A: Most agents use the newspaper to promote their brand rather than sell houses. By promoting their brand, they are aiming to attract house sellers, rather than house buyers- One of our competitors (William H Brown) carried out a survey for use in their corporate brochure which demonstrated and only 2% of buyers came from the newspaper. That doesn’t mean that the 2% wouldn’t have found your property anyway. The newspaper is expensive and one of the reasons we can offer lower fees. We wouldn’t spend our own money on newspaper advertising, to sell our own houses, so we don’t think you should as well.Remember, if you believe the newspaper will work for you, we can arrange this and charge you at cost and still be cheaper than our competitors

Q: Will you put up a board?

A: If you would like one yes and the cost is included in your fee. Its not an extra.