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These are exciting times at House Revolution and you can find the latest news, announcements and developments below:

23/01/2015This is why we will succeed. (Viva La Revolution
22/01/2015Its a NO for ON The Market but thanks for asking.
22/01/2015House Revolution has a strong start to the year
13/01/20152015 Property Predictions
13/01/20152014 A quick market review
09/01/201573,000 benefit from Help to buy
18/11/2014Rightmove say Property Market slowing
04/11/2014New vacancy
30/10/2014Mortgage approvals at the lowest level since July 2013
16/10/2014Market confidence dips, says Halifax
15/10/2014Does your house make more than you?
15/10/2014Choosing an agnet can make you feel like Goldilocks?
14/10/2014The light bulb moment
23/07/2010House Revolution Shortlisted for Prestigious Customer Care Award
01/02/2010UK tops internet shopping chart
01/02/2010House Prices start year with a rise - could rise by 10%
02/09/2008Stamp Duty Holiday to Help Buyers
29/04/2008The slowdown in the UK mortgage market continues
08/04/2008Abbey pulls last 100% mortgages
08/04/2008House prices 'see sharp decline'
06/03/2008House prices are continue to slow
30/01/2008Call to continue Hips concession
23/01/2008House price drop is already tempting buyers
08/01/2008House Price Inflation Falls Again
04/01/2008Your estate agent should be adding value to the process of selling your property, otherwise what are you paying for?
18/12/2007South-east still attractive to landlords
14/12/2007Hips extended to all properties
04/12/2007estate agents on the brink ?
29/11/2007Buy-to-let becomes more complicated
29/11/2007Mortgage fees double in two years
29/11/2007UK house prices see sharp tumble
22/11/2007Hips home packs get full roll-out
19/11/2007Online sales growing trend amid potential slowdown
16/11/2007House price growth is set to stall in 2008
13/11/2007Surveyors see house price falls
08/11/2007House Revolution on the verge of securing investment
08/11/2007House Revolution, the online estate agent, has secured investment
08/11/2007average residential property across the UK now costs £197,248
01/11/2007BBC News: House Price Falls 'don't matter'
31/10/2007House Price growth picks up
30/10/2007Q&A: Estate agents and you
30/10/2007Britons 'more committed than ever' to home ownership
30/10/2007Strong growth in Scottish prime country house market
30/10/2007Mortgage lending slows, Bank says
22/10/2007Property safer than cash according to most Britons
18/10/2007house prices 'at risk of fall?
17/10/2007How to get on the housing ladder
08/10/2007House prices slide to a halt
05/10/2007London drives up house inflation
05/10/2007Halifax sees house prices slowing
05/10/2007Renting 'now cheaper than buying'
04/10/2007Hips acceptance still patchy
10/09/2007Home price inflation 'picking up'
10/09/2007Slump or slowdown?
06/09/2007Buy your home on the internet
05/09/2007Average house price in the UK has almost reached £200,000
30/08/2007Clear signs the housing market is slowing down
29/08/2007Garden rubbish 'biggest turn off' for homeowners
29/08/2007Parents admit to housing guilt
20/08/2007Strong growth seen in university towns
20/08/2007Parents advised to turn to buy-to-let
15/08/2007iPod sales can identify property hotspots
14/08/2007Housing market gloom as fear of new rate rise puts off buyers
14/08/2007Slowdown predicted in Housing market
10/08/2007Hips controversy erupts again
10/08/2007Independence 'fuelling affordability problems'
06/08/2007Will the floods affect the property market permanently?
06/08/2007Super-rich to push average price of London house to half-million mark
02/08/2007Halifax says house price growth slowing
02/08/2007First Time Buyers
31/07/2007The Property Market shifts in favour of buyers
31/07/2007Property market in peril with houses 'overvalued by 20 per cent'
30/07/2007Brakes slammed on house prices in July
30/07/2007THE housing market will be plunged into chaos this week when the controversial home information packs are introduced.
19/07/2007Halifax ups house price inflation forecast
17/07/2007Latest Property market news
17/07/2007The Most expensive house in britain
13/07/2007UK regions see house prices grow in second quarter
12/07/2007Growth more than halved in June
11/07/2007More new homes says Mr Brown
11/07/2007The most expensive property
10/07/2007Save £5,500 on your estate agents fees
10/07/2007HIP rush takes it's toll
10/07/2007Mortgage lending 'slowing down'
10/07/2007Pace of growth slowing ?
10/07/2007Prices go up again but are things slowing down