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Home > Preparing your house for a viewing

Below are some handy hints to get the most from your viewing:

  • Keep your home tidy and free from clutter. Put clothes in drawers and pots and pans in cupboards.
  • The best air freshener is an open window. Artificial smells can be off putting and strong odours can be a real turn off. Best not cook that fish 5 minutes before they arrive!
  • Try and keep pets away and noise to a minimum. Turn off the telly, any loud music and if you have a dog ask someone to walk it.
  • No room should be out of bounds, if your teenager is still asleep and his room a state you're going to have to wake him up. Good luck with that!
  • It often works well if just one person shows the house rather than the whole husband, wife, two kids and the dog team.
  • Allow the viewer time and space, let them look as many times as they like, allow them to linger, it's a good sign


And lastly, but most importantly, BE POSITIVE. Don't talk negatively about your home. "Oh this room is to small for us which is why we are moving " should be " Oh this room is so cosy, we will really miss it". Find positive things to say about every part of your property and SAY THEM.

More Tips?

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