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15 October 2014

With house prices growing faster than incomes in many parts of the UK, is your house making more money than you do?

Thanks to an extra breadwinner in the family, Rebecca Fletcher, her husband and two daughters are living the good life in a rural cottage deep in the Hampshire countryside.

The extra breadwinner is their old family home - a three-bedroom, terraced house in south-west London which Mrs Fletcher, a primary school teacher, and her husband, a London solicitor, bought in 2007.

They paid £450,000 - right at the top of the house price boom of the last decade.

When house prices fell after the 2008 banking bust, they feared financial disaster.

"We thought, 'Are we ever going to be able to move out of this house - are we ever going to recoup the money we've spent on it?'" says Mrs Fletcher.

Their fears proved unfounded. In 2009, prices in south-west London started rising, and went on rising. By the time they sold their former home last August, the price was £655,000.

According to calculations done for the BBC by Lloyds Bank, in the 12 months before the sale, Mrs Fletcher's London home had increased in price by about £100,000 - more than her and her husband's earnings put together.

Taken from a BBC article which can be found here:

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