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29 August 2007

Homeowners are most likely to be put off by a UK's Garden if it contains general rubbish, a new study reveals, but patio areas and greenhouses produced quite the opposite effect.

A study from Halifax Estate Agents has revealed that 63 per cent of respondents said that established plant-life would encourage them to purchase a property, with 58 per cent saying flagged patio areas would have a similar effect and 57 per cent vouching for the attraction of a shed or greenhouse.

But 67 per cent said that general rubbish would make them think twice, with overlooking properties next door also worrying many.

"Homeowners should treat their garden as they would any other room in their home. Ensuring it is tidy and well kept can dramatically enhance the appeal of a property," commented Halifax Estate Agents managing director Colin Kemp.

"Our research showed that traditional favourites such as a patio area and greenery are still fashionable and that general rubbish is a big turn-off," Mr Kemp added.

A garden is the second most important feature that prospective buyers look for in a home, it was revealed earlier this week.
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