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22 October 2007

A new survey has confirmed that many Britons now see property as the strongest investment available despite the recent troubles seen in the UK property market.

Research conducted for a BBC Two series, The Truth About Property, has reinforced recent studies from the likes of the Alliance Trust, which last week reported some 43 per cent of Britons expect property to be the main contributor to their retirement income.

The BBC poll found that 53 per cent of Britons believe that owning property is safer than putting money with a bank or a building society.

"The British have a love of property. You can touch it, relate to it and it's booming, despite the problems. Residential property is at an all time high," said Alliance Trust head of pensions Hyman Wolanski.

The BBC programme also revealed that many first-time buyers are now buying properties abroad or using the internet to find a co-buyer, such is their desperation to get onto the property ladder.

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