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18 December 2007

UK landlords believe that properties in the south-east of England, particularly London, will continue to generate strong returns next year, according to a new study from Alliance & Leicester.

Landlords believe that rental yields in central London will reach 44 per cent next year, the study found, with the south-east of England thought to be set to produce rises of ten per cent.

Meanwhile, 71 per cent of buy-to-let landlords say that they see their overall prospects for their property investment as either good or very good, the research added.

"It is encouraging that buy-to-let landlords indicate they are feeling buoyant about the outlook for 2008," said Jeremy Claridge, head of specialist mortgages at Alliance & Leicester.

"Regardless of a tough financial year, it is clear the buy-to-let property market is still healthy for longstanding landlords, especially for those in the south-east of the country," Mr Claridge added.

Last week Property Hawk suggested that young professionals are "the cream of the crop" for landlords when it comes to suitable tenants.

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