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17 July 2007

You don’t need to climb far up the housing ladder these days to have a master bedroom with ensuite, but at Updown Court, in Windlesham, on the Surrey-Berkshire border, the term takes on a new meaning. We are not talking bathroom here, but ensuite swimming pool – 12 metres long, with a proper deep end, reached by a glass lift that can whisk you there straight from your four-poster.

Extravagance? If you’re spending more than £70m on a house, you expect something special. So it has another four pools, a glass-walled squash court, a private cinema and a two-lane bowling alley in the basement. Oh, and several sitting and entertaining rooms, 13 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms and 43 lavatories, all set in 11 acres of landscaped gardens and 46 acres of woodland.

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