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14 October 2014

House Revolution is different! Not the ‘different’ that most estate agents claim, which in the end turns out they only have a different colour tie or logo or questionable ‘special lightbulboffer’. No, our ‘differences’ are real, tangible and totally consumer focused. We’ve actually added them up and counted 10. All of them compelling, value added, joyful nuggets of difference. Read them and then, like the hundreds of people who have already sold their homes with House Revolution you may also have a ‘light bulb’ moment:

We provide a complete estate agency service and our average customer saves over £2000 in fees * There is no contractual minimum term because customers should always be given total flexibility * No set up fees or upfront costs * No cancellation fees * Our people either have or are studying for an Estate Agency Qualification * Our behavior is always open, honest and transparent * We work as a team and reward our people only on the quality of their customer care * We offer different payment options * We don’t promote ourselves by cold calling, door knocking, hassling, pestering or generally being annoying * We have invested significantly in building unique technology that provides all customers with a online ‘my House Revolution account’ allowing total access 24/7 to all house selling activity as it happens * Customers love us and the proof is in the very many fantastic online customer reviews.So, If you are looking to sell your home and you are looking for ‘different’ then give us a call 01603 679070.

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