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23 January 2015

Before the arrival of Rightmove and other such popular portals, choosing an estate agent  to sell your home was often a combination of who had the biggest shop front, biggest newspaper spread and of course the universally ridiculed ‘red braces wearing, gift of the gab’ salesman.

A lot has changed and the simple reality now is that as long as your home can be seen on the portals then a buyer will come forward.

Now then, most Estate Agents don’t like to tell you about this shift in buyers behavior  because  worryingly it exposes the now ‘myth’ that ‘some agents are better at finding buyers than others and hey we are the best.’ A good example of this behavior (and there are many to choose from) is Estate Agents advertising sold property in windows and newspapers. It is of course to subliminally evoke the feeling of “wow, they are really good at selling property.” BUT the genuine fact is NOW, as long as you use the portals all agents are as successful as each other ! Rightmove have completely  leveled the paying field. 

And this is my point. As more and more vendors get this,  ergo the notion that like them buyers aren’t sold property anymore they go online, seek, browse, click and then inquire. In turn vendors are now starting to question the whole ‘we can sell it, the agent down the road cant’ mentality. As a result they are choosing their estate agent based on a different selection criteria; Lower costs, telling the truth, transparency of communication, online tools, service values, genuine customer focus and genuine consumer feedback. Attributes not often found in estate agency but we have it in spades.

This is why we will succeed. (Viva La Revolution)

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