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Preparing your home

Tidy up the house. This is our NUMBER ONE priority for you to help you sell your house. When people are looking at pictures of your home, they are envisioning themselves and their family inside of it. They are trying to picture where their furniture will go, and admire the character different rooms offer. When they see your mess, not only is it unprofessional, but the person viewing the photos will go through them that much quicker so they don't have to see it. This is crucial for rooms that have exceptional features that need to have attention drawn to them - not your personal things lying about. This rule also applies to people; make sure everyone moves out of the pictures completely. Cleanup the front garden and entrance area, clean up the rear garden ... everything everywhere that is shown to the web viewer or potential buyer when visiting.

Remember, you're selling your house, not your possessions. Think of your furnishings as props, and photograph the prominent features of your house. It's more important to capture the big bay windows in the family room than it is your favorite leather sofa.

Have a look at this list below:

Why not take some photos?

  • You know your home better that anyone, why not take some photos that you think show it in its best light, we can then use them to show your in its best possible light ?

  • Digital cameras are so good these days and convenient so you ca go back and retake the picture as many times as necessary to nail that perfect shot.

  • Take pictures in Landscape only, Portrait pictures get squashed.

  • Resolution is important and digital cameras offer different resolution sizes to take the pictures in. The best resolution is somewhere around 1600x1200 - not bigger, not smaller. We send to all the portals at 1024x768 and when visitors click on the images on our site, they also see this resized image. The thumbnails are automtically created for you. High resolution pictures will not lose their details or crispness this way.

  • The best time to take the photos is in good sunlight coming through the windows. BUT, turn on ALL the lights in every room when taking the pictures! It "opens up" the room, creates an airy feel and makes an inviting photo.

  • If you're taking the photo yourself - position the camera at WAIST height. If it means crouching down to look through the viewfinder, do it! This is the most appealing height for a room photo. Check out any of the professionals - they're never shot from 6 foot up, unless the room has crazy high ceilings!

  • Take photos of the house's best features. It's really tempting to just point and shoot at the standard rooms in the house, but remember: every house has bedrooms and a dining room and a living room. It's important to get those shots too, but if your home has exposed beams or wrought iron detailing or fantastic custom tiles, be sure to take some pictures of these things as well. That stained glass window in the stairwell could be just what someone was looking for!

  • Outdoor/garden shots are also important for the people that have children and pets. Potential buyers want to know how much property they're going to have, or if they'll have to trim hedges, mow lawns, etc.

  • Don't accidentally mislead the public! Wide angle lenses can create a misleading look. Also, dont photoshop out a 'landmark' because you feel it may put someone off viewing. If the viewer turns up and feels misslead its not a posative start

  • Do you think we're missing something from the list? Why not email us your suggestions: